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Simply seeing more

The most exiting sites of Europe, never searching around, 24hour service.

Honeymoon across souther Europe experiencing many highlights and getting a taste of the true nature of these countries.

10 days with no troubles and perfect time management. Your experienced driver knows the most beautiful roads, he will take you directly to points of interest and wait for your return. You can relax in a comfortable car. We try to keep all journeys and excursions in a 3 hour max drive radius. Unless of course, the honeymooners themselves decide differently. You are always free to change your mind about the daily planning, no stress, this is all about having a relaxing trip. There are so many interesting and rich sites on the way and normally guests are more then happy to take advantage of the driver’s knowledge.

Please give us information about your favourite sport, your hobbies, your food preferences. Not everything will be possible, but with an early warning, we might be able to suit your needs. You are welcome to check out the order form for more details.

We have some very exiting surprises for the honeymooners, such as exciting sports and adventures.

They will be described in the preliminary quote, if you request one.

The final destination of our honeymoon journey is always Tuscany, where we own a very suitable little farm house. The stay in this house requires no further booking, please just indicate an estimate of the number of days you would like to use this location as your base in Tuscany.

Just take your time

This honeymoon journey is a very balanced experience, with many beautiful and interesting sites to visit. We will have daily propositions, depending on the area we are visiting, for your evaluation.

At the arrival in Tuscany the honeymooners will find themselves in an authentic centuries old typical stone Tuscan house. A restructured farmhouse, with flowers and vegetable gardens and a beautiful panorama. Enjoy the view of the hills and of the famous river Arno on his way to Florence, 50km north.

Family grown food, fresh eggs top quality meat, large range of vegetables, typical Tuscan dishes and daily sweet temptations. La “padrona di casa”, the proprietress of the estate is a superb and certified cook.

The holiday home you will stay in, has a private terrace under a fig tree and wine grapes, a modern bathroom with shower and bidet, it’s own complete kitchen and a lounge area with a fireplace for a romantic evening.
We also have a lighted ping pong table in the garden which is free to use.

The immediate surrounding area is truly an artistic and historic treasure. From the Ancient Roman Empire to powerful medieval city states. The farm house is away from any noise and completely immersed in nature. If you like tracking, the surrounding are is perfect with tracks starting directly at your door. The perfect place to have an unlimited free time to relax and if they would like to, there are always plenty of things to do and sites to see spontaneously. See the majestic Duomo di Firenze and pass by the Medici residence while you explore the magical city of Florence.