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Honeymoon in Limousine

A very special tour
1 couple / 2 couples together
(Arrival in Tuscany after 10 days)

– Munich
– Alps mountains
– Lake Garda
– Verona
– Venice
– Tuscany
– Rome (last day and departure)

Individual tour: Your freedom!

We take the couples on the airport and at once we place them downtown to a typical Munich BIERGARTEN. You prefer a little city tour by limousine? Allways apart from the tourist mainstream! – Your driver knows the best places and gets you fastly there without never surching around. You will see plenty of highlights during the entire journey beiing always free to decide spontaneously what ever you desire. The luxus of an individual tour.
You want the driver to get your luggage meanwhile to the hotel? No problem at all. This is the way things will go for the entire journey. You choose.
The perfect mixture. Cities, countryside, history, art, lifestyle, theatre, candlelight diners on incredible places and last not least – various prestigious sports as horse riding, sailing, tennis.

Deutsches Museum

We balance the visiting program for males and females: In this museum both will find their highlights. You prepare your visit here talking to the driver. He has the the time table of the most exiting scientific performances and the museum guide. Please choose how to focus on what interests you more.
The biggest scientific and technical museum all over the world. As the museum is huge,Please explore the exposition guide.

Dinner in the Sky

The best idea for your first evening in Munich could be the restaurant on top of this tower, 200 meters above the Olympic area. A candlelight diner over-viewing the whole city that slowly turns around under your feet. At daytime and good weather you can overview a very large area including the 50km south elevating Alpen mountains, but we would prefer the candlelight version, arriving on top at sunset.
We just ask you one important thing: Try to be always precisely on time on all meeting points. Don’t trust the mobile-phones: certainly you will have exchanged the numbers , but they do not work everywhere constantly.

The King's castles

The most famous castle of the world. You will join a guided visit in English. Up and down through the dark forests with horse drawn large and safe carriages. The most picturesque site in Bavaria. Al the dream castle refers to the music and opera of Richard Wagner. We recommand to choose to walk up or down. If you like walking, it takes 35Min. Very beautiful is also the footpath to a second castle named Hohenschwangau over-viewing the Alpsee lake. All our proposals are safe and no risk passages. Anway if you expresively want that, the driver walks with you, it i healthy also for him.
Hotels. We recommend high-level downtown hotels possibly in the old towns for the entire journey. You are just asked to confirm real time e-mailing, if we fit your expectations.
Somewhere it is cooler to stay in central places right among the local people. You appreciate that? Please define it in your first request. We take care for beeing always suitable, polite and clean.

Going south towards the sun of the Garda lake

On our way Garmisch is not only famous but a real must see. The highest mountain of Germany with bavarian Gemütlichkeit at 2700 meters. A round trip with the very best panorama over-viewing hundreds of kilometers and the town of Garmisch with the blue Eibsee lake under your feet.
The program for the 3rd day is very tough, therefore you can decide in advance to return back for one more night to Füssen. In order to avoid to many hotel changes. We recommend not to loose time and proceed during the evening ours to Italy and the lake Garda (3ours ride) because the whether conditions are usually safer south of the Alps.
Warm clothing please Exciting nature spectacle. Please get warm clothing on, also in the summer. to get the adventure, you walk 1 kilometer or 2.

Lake Garda

Right on the lake a real dream hotel on the lake Garda. Perhaps the most beautiful 5 stars Grand hotel of the world. It is terribly expensive but one of the major highlights of the entire journey in it’s absolute premium version. You can choose it – if you don’t we will visit it by boat from the waterside.
The breakfast we take in a popular bar n the sunny pier of the sailer’s port of a tiny town, an insider tip, you ‘ll like it.
At noon we cross the lake by a ferry boat to the most beautiful place of the world, so called by Garda locals. From here we are free to join the Gardaland parc in a 20min ride.


As a real love journey our trip includes the world unique Venice. We don’t prepare any timetable for the 2 days in the city of the Laguna. There are included 2 lunches in an old town restaurant. One art museum, the tower of the place San Marco. The Canale grande boat trip is a must see. Theatre in the evening can be requested a part.
Taking the gondola, will be included only in the absolute premium version of the honeymoon trip. Music interested couples appreciate a classical concert in the famous TEATRO DELLA FENICE. Please annotate this in your very first request.

Tuscany countryside

You will enjoy a typical little stone built farmhouse in the hills of Tuscany for almost 3 days. Whenever you want, you may go sporting or leaving to see some of the local tourist sites (3 hours) or the famous cities around (day-tours), always coming back to your private place. Please just take your decision at breakfast/after diner.
Tuscany day tours:
Florence free visit start from Piazza Michelangelo
Pisa the tower visit requires 3days reservation, afternoon at the beach.
Siena incl. wine assay, the Siena city and tower (closes at 5 p.m.), Roman hot water spring
Assisi -Perugia-Spello(Roman historiy site)
San Marino


Your stay in Tuscany is unlimited. With few expense you will have daily breakfast and diner from local grown natural food. You decide how many days you stay. Just in case you extend your stay spontaneously you will sometimes be asked to move in another similar house in the surroundings. Please book your return flight from Rome in the evening ours. If you start in the early morning from Bicciano, you will have an entire last day in Rome to visit the top sites without further hotel changing. Your driver leaves you at the check-in of one of the Rome airports.
Sundowner in Florence! Florence is just 1 our from Bicciano. You can enjoy the sundowner on the Ponte Vecchio and turn back.


Colosseum- Fonte trevi -Vatican You want to see the Colosseum obviously. It is sometimes impossible without long waiting times. Anyway please prepare a listing of the sites you would like to see – and the driver will show you our planning.
Please book your return flight from Rome in the evening ours. If you start in the early morning from Bicciano, you will have an entire last day in Rome to visit the top sites without further hotel changing.